11 Steps to Create Your First Travel Blog

Since the early 2000s, there has been an avalanche of bloggers populating the Internet. More than lifestyle blogs, travel blogs dominate the web, with contents concentrated on tips for traveling the different parts of the world. If you’re interested in creating your very first travel blog, there are a couple of things you need to get your head on to get started.

1.  Pick a Name for Your Blog

Before starting anything, it’s crucial to think about the name of your blog. This will be part of your branding, not to mention the domain name of the website. Using your name as the domain name is perfectly fine as long as it’s not that common and not too long. Also, there has to be consistency in the name, whether you will also create social media accounts. Don’t confuse the readers and stick to one specific name.

2.  Define Your Purpose 

Some people enter blogging as a way to document their travels. However, others are setting up a blog to earn money through leads and clicks. Whatever your5 Effective Travel Tips for Everyone reason is, you must have a clear purpose at the beginning to help you position your blog.

3.  Think About Your Audience

Are you writing for a broad audience or simply those who are living in a certain area, for instance, the United States? Align your content to the intended readers to be relevant and effective. If your blog helps budget travelers roam around the world, then the content must be aligned to the audience.

4.  Set Up Hosting

Hosting is an essential part of blogging because this will allow you to post or publish contents on the web. Look for plans that include bigger storage, daily backups and a free domain. Depending on your budget, you can also get a plan with SEO features and free website maintenance.

5.  Install WordPress

After you’re signed up for hosting, it’s now time to install WordPress to get started. On WordPress, you will be asked whether your site is personal or business. If you are after earning money from this blog, then you must go with Business.

6.  Choose a Theme

Design your website with a sleek and aesthetically pleasing theme. Default or free themes don’t usually stand out, but you can always buy themes for as low as $10.

7.   Add Plugins

Plugins improve the function of your blog, so make sure to add some. Some of the most famous plugins include Contact Forms, Yoast SEO, Comments Not Replied To and Akismet.

8.  Brainstorms On Contents

For informational blogs, you need to do a lot of research on the contents you will be publishing. Start by making a checklist of places you want to highlight. You can also check out other travel blogs to have an idea of what specific contents to create.

9.   Add Media

When publishing contents, make sure to use pictures and videos to entice a reader. As you know, people are visual learners, hence, using images can help make your blog engaging.

10.  Know Your Analytics

Numbers are important in your growth as a travel blogger. Analytics will help you understand what specific contents gain traction and engagement. By checking the stats, you can find out your which contents sell and which don’t.

11.  Get Out more and Document

Nothing beats going out there to experience and to share more knowledge with your readers. Don’t just rely on the information on the Internet—it’s also essential to document and take lots of footages.

Having a successful blog takes time, probably months and years if you’re not active. It’s important to be dedicated and to learn more each day. Be patient with the process and you’ll reap the fruit of your hard work once everything’s starting to work.




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